Label Feeding into Printer

There are three ways to feed labels into your printer. Read these quick tips before printing!

Continuous Feed Printing:  

Label rolls are used with this kind of printer, and are pushed through with a “tractor feed” technology. The core rolls as the labels are printed and the entire roll gradually gets smaller until it runs out.

Sheet Fed Printing:

This is when individual sheets of labels are fed into the printer. This method is typically used for small label printing jobs, using only a couple sheets instead of a continuous large roll.

Page Orientation Printing:

This changes the layout format of your printer. The two options are portrait or landscape, and depending on which option you choose on the computer template, it will affect how the labels are being printed.

We hope this helped! If you have more questions, call us at 800-828-6859 (Arizona) or 770-664-9692 (Georgia).

Author: IdentiCo Label

Founded in 1986, Identico has an established track record of providing custom-developed pressure sensitive labels, sheeted stock, and variable print capabilities to support the flexographic printing needs of a wide variety of business applications and industries.

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