Label Finishes

At IdentiCo we offer 3 different kinds of label finishes: laminated, varnished, and UV coated. Check out these descriptions to find out which one might be best suited for your company!

Laminated: These labels are covered in a film material that acts as a thick protective layer, which makes the labels resistant against moisture, light exposure, and abrasion.

Varnished: Labels with a varnish are coated in a clear liquid and typically cost less than laminate or UV labels. However, they are the least durable and better used for indoor or simple labeling. Varnish labels come in gloss or matte finishes and can be flood coated or spot coated.

UV Coated: Lastly, the UV coated labels are cured during printing through exposure to ultraviolet light. While this is often the most expensive label finish, it is the longest lasting and most glossy.

Found the right label finish for you? If not, we’d love to help! Call us at 800-828-6859 (Arizona) or 770-664-9692 (Georgia).

Or, view our list of products here!

Author: IdentiCo Label

Founded in 1986, Identico has an established track record of providing custom-developed pressure sensitive labels, sheeted stock, and variable print capabilities to support the flexographic printing needs of a wide variety of business applications and industries.

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