The Backstory

Curious to know more about IdentiCo’s backstory? How did we start, where did we come from, how did we get here?

Well, we were founded in 1986 by Richard Grubenhoff. Our company first started in Georgia, and it wasn’t until the early 2000’s, roughly 20 years later, that we opened a second location in Arizona.

When IdentiCo came out to Arizona, they joined with another label company, Interwest, in order to  get their start. Interwest specialized in scale labels, which led to a very successful RFQ (Request for Quotation, when a seller puts out a request for a vendor to fill) agreement with Basha’s. Since our days with Interwest and our RFQ with Basha’s, both partnerships have since passed. Now IdentiCo is proud to service UPS and Kroger (among others) by providing their distribution center labels.

We are happy to have been servicing many businesses nationwide from both our Georgia and Arizona locations. To shop our full list of products available, visit our website!

View a sample of our quality labels here:

Questions? Contact us at 800-828-6859 (Arizona) or 770-664-9692 (Georgia) and we’d be happy to help!

Author: IdentiCo Label

Founded in 1986, Identico has an established track record of providing custom-developed pressure sensitive labels, sheeted stock, and variable print capabilities to support the flexographic printing needs of a wide variety of business applications and industries.

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