What Kind of Labels?

At IdentiCo, we offer two specific kinds of labels, thermal and direct thermal.

What’s the difference? Well, both of them are at their core, ink applied to label paper using heat. However, there are slight differences beyond the basics.

Thermal printing is a process of using a heated “ribbon” to produce hardy and long-lasting labels for your business. Direct thermal, on the other hand, is when the ink is directly applied to the label (minus the heating ribbon). This method works equally as well at first, but the finished product sometimes has less durability and can fade or rub off over time/usage.

Companies who use their labels primarily for indoors or face-to-face interactions often do not have to worry about durability and will choose the direct thermal labels. Businesses who do have to consider their labels’ durability will usually opt to go with the thermal labels.

For those unfamiliar with the finite differences of label printing, we hope this helps! If you have any questions, please reach out to us at 800-828-6859 (Arizona) or 770-664-9692 (Georgia).

To shop label products visit our website here!

Author: IdentiCo Label

Founded in 1986, Identico has an established track record of providing custom-developed pressure sensitive labels, sheeted stock, and variable print capabilities to support the flexographic printing needs of a wide variety of business applications and industries.

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